Twinks Lockdown

Find out how the handsome Lucas Bouvier and the adorable Sacha Delage spent time during #Covid-19 lockdown !

While Lucas is stunned by watching the news and learning about the beginning of the French lockdown, Sacha who sleeps peacefully by his side, seems far from being worried about the situation. The twink listens to his scared boyfriend with a mischievous smile and then puts a hand on his crotch, inviting him to take his mind off. For Sacha the occupation during the lockdown is all found and of course you will have guessed what it is!

The two boys embark on a hot and hyper sensual fucking session which begins with an amazing blowjob in deep throat of Sacha on the hard cock of Lucas. It’s then to the small tight hole of his buddy that Lucas will pay attention by licking and dilating it gradually before fucking him wildly. Lucas gives all his power to pound the delicious little ass and Sacha, submissive, moans and begs for more between sighs.

After having cum on Sacha’s buttocks, Lucas will make him lick his hot cum and will end up kissing him full on the mouth to close this sulphurous exchange in the most beautiful way.


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