A Burning Passion

Jules Laroche meets the handsome Raphaël Andrioli and after a short walk by the sea the two boys are in a hurry to return to deepen their relationship. Jules and Raphaël kiss each other full on the lips while gradually undressing. Their boxers are about to crack as their two big cocks are hard and they start to jerk off before starting a passionate sixty-nine.

Jules is going to show Raphael the full extent of his sex skills by fucking him both wildly, sensually and varying the intensity and depth of the cock strokes to perfection. Raphael moans and clenches his teeth as he feels Jules’ huge cock sink into him but his ass gradually dilates and the initial pain gives way to pleasure.

Jules is going to pound Raphael in different positions, sometimes playing the card of domination, sometimes that of passion and he will end up enjoying abundantly on Raphael’s open ass. The complicity is total between the two twinks and Jules will be happy to swallow Raphael’s sperm before kissing him to finish in style.




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