Made To Eat His Fresh Cum

Working in a sex shop can be a lot of fun, especially when you have a buddy who likes to play when the doors are locked. Little Aiden is playing captive for his horny friend Justin, led to the back on a chain to be spanked and flogged. He’s an obedient boy, especially when he’s being given a big juicy uncut cock to suck on. With a bone to please he’s in heaven, but his ass is just as greedy. With a little fingering Justin asserts his dominance again, but it’s the raw fucking he delivers to that snug little rump that really puts young Aiden in his place. With a load wanked out and fucked into the boy he gives his captive a taste of his spent meat, but the humiliation won’t be over until he’s made Aiden cum in his hand and fed him his own warm juices!

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