Fuck Buddies Mickey & Ronnie

Mickey is back! And he’s brought a friend. Any friend of this fan fave is an instant friend of ours, we already knew Ronnie was going to deliver an amazing show. The guys are good friends so they’re more than familiar with how to push each other’s buttons. The kissing and groping gives us a good opportunity to check out those heavily inked bodies, but when those dicks are out for sucking the temperature rises considerably and we can’t wait to see them fuck. Mickey always likes to really take control when he’s topping, but Ronnie is the kind of buddy who loves to take a ride before handing over power. As soon as he does Mickey gets to work, pounding that arse and taking them both to an insanely hot climax that leaves Ronnie drenched in cum! This might not be the first time Ronnie has appeared in porn, but we think it’s definitely his hottest performance to date and we can’t wait to have him back.

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