#EXTREMEFILTH – Cock-Craving Boy Tormented By 2

After becoming a plaything for horny dom boys Alex and Sean young Daniel isn’t free to go just yet, nor would he want to. The flogging, molten wax and bareback butt banging of part one progresses to some of the most scary domination possible, with Sean basically waterboarding the boy while Alex feasts on the twink’s hard cock! With Daniel’s dick rigid and wet Alex slides down, taking the twink for an amazing ride, using the boy for his own horny pleasures while Sean holds him in place. Even though Sean already pumped a cum load out in part one he’s hard again, wanking off while Alex uses the boy to get his own load gushing, splashing his thick cream in Daniel’s cute face! If you think their captive can leave now both have dropped their cream, you can think again.

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