Maxence Returns To Flip Fuck

We’ve only seen big-dicked French boy Maxence a couple of times, but he impressed us. We’re glad to see him again after so many months, and so is gorgeous little Leo. The greedy boy is back for a flip flop fuck with his handsome young man and they don’t waste any time getting to know each other. Leo loves that big uncut cock, servicing his friend while he fucks his mouth in a great 69, but it’s clear these boys are on a mission. Leo slides his arse down and takes his new friend for a ride, his cock bouncing with every self-inflicted fuck on that meat before laying back and offering his own tool for Maxence to impale his pucker on. The deep missionary pounding Leo delivers is what gets Maxence spewing cream from his cock, a gooey mess soon to be doubled with Leo’s splashing climax. Dare we say these boys will probably be hooking up again after that awesome fuck?

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