Zak Bray and Sarpa Van Rider

The celebrate the beginning of summer in Australia here’s our first outdoor shoot. I’ve paired up our new mate Zak Bray with Sarpa Van Rider. These guys had not met before but quickly chose each other for the shoot after seeing each others photos. While they were getting acquainted we headed out onto my rooftop to get some shots out in the warm sun. They undressed each other down to their jockstraps before getting fully naked. Zak was getting very passionate with Sarpa and he cock was swelling up in the sun. We headed back to the studio for some more photos before making a very hot video with these guys. This was actually Zak’s first shoot (before the solo session we did recently). He looks great with Sarpa and is very keen to shoot more. I love our handsome new mate and can’t wait to see him pairing off with more of the guys.

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