Dim the Lights: Nico Leon & Sean Ford

When Sean arrives, he tantalizes Nico’s sensitive body simply by touching and teasing him with his hands and mouth. Nico gets more excited & harder, moaning & squirming under Sean’s increasing dominance and begs to be used. Finally Sean lets out Nico’s cock and sucks him while maintaining control by holding him by the throat & mouth.

Visual deprivation heightens the sensations as Sean moves from sucking to rimming and probing his hungry hole. And after more begging for his cock Sean finally gives it to him, bringing him to the heights of pleasure. Sean soon resumes his dominantly affectionate body worship but removes Nico’s blindfold and soon orders him to sit on his cock….which an obedient Nico does every which way with breathless enthusiasm.

Sean offers up the taste of his cock and soon feeds and face fucks Nico’s hungry throat. Soon Sean wants to fuck Nico more and he does so with Nico’s eagerly vocal subservience. After drilling him deep Sean gives Nico what he whats by cumming over his hole and fucking his load back into him. Still in control Sean strokes and milks a thick load out of Nico and kisses him, happy to get the nice surprise from which they both deep satisfaction.

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