Santa’s Little Helper

There’s very little that Austin wants for at Christmas. He’s grateful for so many things and blessed to have wonderful, loving people in his life! He’s also very lucky to have a network of tall, handsome men who love to use his mouth and ass like he’s their personal plaything…

One such a giant is the lean, mean, tatted fuck machine, Dolf Dietrich. Sporting a Santa cap, the 6’6” Adonis is quick to grab Austin with his long, strong arms, and kissing him softly before lifting him up off the ground.

Little Austin is practically weightless in the big man’s embrace, feeling himself completely possessed by his handsome partner.

Austin pulls down Dolf’s pants, taking his massive cock in his mouth, trying his best to take it to the back of his throat with each savoring caress of his tongue.

Dolf’s cock gets even harder seeing his little cocksucker work so hard to satisfy him, thinking ahead to all the ways he can fuck him. With someone as portable and eager Austin, he knows he can pound and breed his young lover in ways he could never do with anyone else!

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