19yr Human Spunk sponge spitroasted in pub

19yr Human Spunk sponge 🧽 SPIT ROASTED🍖 with cum
by 3x MASSIVE Dicks In Twink group
THIS IS 💯 % REAL – we were in Preston park @ the main party drinking and we
meet up with the really fit 19yr Chay 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 campervan boy for drinks.
I may of ‘accidentally’ mentioned Blazes Massive prick & how he is a heavy
cummer to the cute lad –
oh and also I may of ‘accidentally’ mentioned that my other friend was Fucking
hung like a horse 🐎 too….
For some reason He got well fucking horny hearing all that 😂
I whispered in his ear 👂 “we would love to fucking leave our load up his arse, one
after another and make you walk around the park like that” …. 😮 HE FUCKING
But we couldn’t all fit in the Portaloo –
so We go check on josh cos we hadn’t seen him
Josh was in the bed from the night before (of course he was it’s Josh)
So we just end up fucking on top of him- he doesn’t join in, he was pissed off 😤
🖼 Picture this:
That fit scally is bent the bed being FUCKED BOTH ENDS by 2 Massive Cocks

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