Calvin Banks Fucks Tannor Reed

This weeks New ColbyKnox XXX Video Release features Calvin Banks and Tannor Reed having incredible Bareback sex for the first time. In this video we really wanted the viewer to get an in-depth look at what these two beautiful men would do when given the opportunity to just have great sex. No specific positions or crazy plots with tons of acting. Nope, We wanted to show you these two going at in in the most natural way possible and hot damn is it a great scene. Tannor’s submissive side really comes out when he is paired with an incredible stud like Calvin Banks. Calvin’s fat cock and deep voice is all it takes to bring Tannor to his knees. Calvin loves the fact that Tannor is so into the scene and thrives off his positive energy. The sex is intense but yet passionate at the same time. Calvin slides his fat cock in and out of Tannor’s ass like a real Gentlemen, passionate and slow at first then picks up momentum towards the end. They are both wearing their practice soccer jerseys and have just left the field and came straight home. Watching each other on the field is a huge turn on and they boys can’t wait to get ahold of each other. Tannor wants to suck Calvin’s cock so bad they barely make it to the couch. Boners already bulging through their shorts as the scene opens up. There is just something about boys in their soccer uniform thats a huge turn on for us. ENJOY!!!!

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