Teaming up Dylan and Sarpa

I have finally teamed up two of my best mates for this week’s new shoot on Bentley Race. Both Dylan Anderson and Sarpa Van Rider have appeared in a bunch of shoots in the past, but this is the first time they are meeting up. They had talked about hooking up before so I knew they were going to get along very well. We started with some fun shots out in the laneway while the guys got aquainted. But back in the studio things got hot and heavy. There’s a lot of kissing and teasing in this shoot as the guys undress each other. Sarpa is priming Dylan’s cock so he can get fucked in the video. I love watching these guys go at it until they are spent. Dylan and Sarpa’s shoot is just a sign of the hot action we have coming up as the summer season of shooting in Australia has just begun.

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