Bentley Race turns 20 !

“I can’t let this time go by without a special mention. In the past month my porn hobby reached quite an amazing milestone. I started Bentley Race in 1999. So my photography and the site is now 20 years old! I can tell you that I never set out to do this for such a long time. But I’ve had so much fun doing it (alongside my day job) that I have kept on going and going. I started taking nude photos so long ago that I actually had to get the first photos developed at a shop before taking them home and scanning to my computer. That’s when I started the Bentley Race DIY Homepage… a site dedicated to photos of me sucking my own dick. That site is actually still up! But it quickly moved to where I invited mates to hook up on camera with me. And 20 years later, I’ve shot with hundreds of guys in hot solo, couple and group shoots. Anyone running a site like this will know it’s a lot of work. But the fun it brings to everyone involved makes it all worthwhile.”

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