#EXTREMEFILTH : Total Kinky Cock Play – Part 1

Adorable little Chase is already blindfolded, but he seems to be looking forward to a painful lesson in domination from a particularly aggressive Master Kane in this cock-centric experience. The boy is inspected, as you might expect, and Master likes what he sees. The smooth young man has a nice cock and a nice arse too, but for time being it’s going to be about those balls. With his arms roped up behind him the boy finds himself in a painful stress position, but when Master Kane starts on those balls his discomfort is only going to grow. With spanks and kicks Master makes use of the boy, entertaining himself while asserting his dominance. Removing the boy’s blindfold and replacing it with a puppy mask he gets to work with some tight rope, tugging the boy’s nuts upward, taping his cock out of the way so he can deliver the flogger right to the target. The poor twink doesn’t know what to do, but there’s nothing he can do, Master is in charge!

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