Brighton Van Group

He was in the van when they pulled up as we got in,
I filmed it on my iPhone for you
We tried filming in the actual cruising area quite a few times but it was WAY too
bait at the moment – instead we party 🎉 in the van
The 19yrs cock hungry Brit boy sucks off 5 guys (no word of a lie)
right there n then! – Real guys, real location real sex!
No story lines no bullshit
You gotta come out with us one time
After sucking off most of brighton we go back to the van – it’s well out-of-control
this this really sweet guy cums with us aka ‘The Random Wanker’ gets his fat juicy
cock out too
At one point there was 7 of us and n this van
Mike, 26yr essesx lad gets the 19yrs dicks out n sucks it massive- it grows well
big- (like over 8.5inchs and a lovely shape)
💯 % real natural conversations- no planning – I’ve had to edit some things out as
there may be not suitable (oh such up) for our site.LOL
That young lads so bloody beautiful everyone in the van wants to suck on that big
Willie of his – OMG his so down to earth & so sexual he lets everyone suck him off
AND his well keen to Fuck RAW too with no attitude even guys who u think might
not necessary be the best looking- such a adorable lad

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