Kitchen Cock

Doing dishes doesn’t normally heat up uber hottie, Hayden Lee’s pretty face; but, as the camera pans down, we see the reason the beautiful boy is beaming! Cock heavy, hog slinger, Calvin Banks is tongue deep, hitting Hayden’s horny hind end with his hard driving, tight twink tunnel, tongue thruster, prepping his horny house working hottie for a deep dicking. After the epic, ass eating, the dom dick slinger stands and offers his sizable snack for Lee to lay into. After the tiny twink gets a top tier taste, Calvin cooks up a colossal cocking, curing Hayden of his horny hunger. Once the kitchen has seen it’s fair share of cock, the dick heavy duo bring this bone-fest to the bedroom. Then, Banks bangs the breaks off Lee’s lusty loins, dicking him down till the guy’s gonads gush, drowning his deliciously smooth six pack with pure, white hot, porn pleasure. Calvin cocks his gun, grabs ahold of Lee’s neck, then paints the pretty boy with a butt-load of big dick, bionic, Bank bust.

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