Muscular and Toned Straight Fooballer Ciaren Shows off his Extra Long & Thick Uncut Cock!

Ciaren is one of these young straight men who plays a lot of football and is very comfortable showing off his body. Perhaps when you are this ripped and have such a big uncut cock you like the idea others like wanking off over you! He is quite laid back and is very happy to show himself, as you can see there is a mini warm up shoot which is the small set at the end of the photographs. Most the EL shoots don’t have this, but when I said to Ciaren about not doing a warm up, he asked to do a few just so he could get in the mood. I am not sure it wasn’t just an excuse to get a few complements! When you have such a great body and long dong then I am going to give many complements! I hope you enjoy this fit young straight lad showing off for you.

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