James & Drew Flip Fucking

Gorgeous James is back, and hot as ever! It’s been a little too long since we last saw this boy and his big dick in action, so we knew we had to team him up with a great guy who could really appreciate that boner, and that ass. I think we made the right choice in Drew. Yes, it’s a flip fuck, and it’s passionate as hell. The guys are ravenous for those cocks, sucking balls, licking ass and pounding each other. After a whole lot of mutual sucking and greedy 69 action James takes a ride on his new friend’s meat, then it’s time for Drew to get what he came for, easing his own ass down on the young man’s length and getting his cum fucked out of him. With his tight abs dripping spunk he lays back and lets James suck his spent dick while the lad wanks out his own gooey mess in a spectacular fountain of hot ball juice! Phew, this one was always going to be hot, but they exceeded even our expectations.

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