His First Time On Video

Bisexual Lucas is back, and he seems to have gained more of a taste for sucking cock since his debut a while back. He’s a great scene partner for new boy Xander, a show off who’s just starting out in porn for the first time and ready to get that big dick inside him. There’s plenty of oral to enjoy first, with Lucas showing how much he loves to gobble dick now, working the boy’s boner in his mouth and feeding Xander his own meaty tool. With precum flowing and the need to fuck taking over Xander bends over and offers his smooth ass, an opportunity Lucas quickly takes as he slides his meat inside. The rhythmic fucking from behind is almost as good as the deeper thrusting when Xander gets it on his back, but it’s the riding that really gets them both there, leading to a shared jack off that sees Lucas splashing cum all over himself in a big finish and Xander milking his own thick load from his meat. That’s a good start Xander, and great to see you back again too, Lucas!

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