Bareback Stairway

Jamie Owens came to his favorite place looking for someone to have fun with when Ashton Hansen showed up. It turned out that they knew the same guy so Ashton invited Jamie over to his place so they could get to know each other better. It didn’t take long for Jamie to have Ashton’s big cock inside his mouth. Soon after Ashton blew his load and disappeared, leaving Jamie horny still. Meanwhile, Bastian May was looking for cock also and came upon Jamie right in time. They got to business immediately with Bastian sucking dick. Jamie wanted to praise Bastian’s initiative by barebacking his tight hole passionately. Bastian was overjoyed with this turn of events because his hot body made Jamie thrust like never before. Jamie was the first to cum but he didn’t finish there! He reinserted so he could seed Bastian some more before he came also!

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