Nipple Play Gets Them Horny

Fuji meets Yoshimi outside his building and they go up to his room. Wanting to get this show on the road, they undress each other and take a shower. After lathering up, they begin to explore each others body. Yoshimi discovers that Fuji likes his nipples played with and Fuji’s cock gets rock hard while Yoshimi strokes it. Satisfied, they dry off and head back to the bed where the real fun starts.

Yoshimi lets Fuji know that he often likes his nipples played with also and Fuji is happy to oblige. They both trade off sucking each others dick before Yoshimi gets a taste of Fuji’s juicy tight hole. Then Fuji lubes up his hole while Yoshimi slips on a condom.

They flip flop around in the bed changing positions from missionary, doggy and cowboy before Yoshimi flips Fuji on his back again. Yoshimi pulls out just in time to rip off the condom and blow his load. At first, it landed on Fuji’s groin and pubes and then surprising us all, Yoshimi shot streams of jizz up to Fuji’s chest. Fuji follows jerking himself off and leaving a nice pool of jizz on his stomach.


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