#EXTREMEFILTH : Giving The Boy A Kinky Education – Part 1

Gorgeous little Axel is from Paris, France, but he’s come to the right place for a thorough lesson in kinky play. He’s not very experienced but he does know that he likes rubber, hence the stage name. You can trust that he’s going to get an education from Master Kane in his first three videos, starting out with a little exploring of that smooth and tanned body before being laid prone on the stack of uncomfortable pallets. With a blindfold applied Master takes control, roping down the boy’s hands and feet before retrieving the cane. With some painful spanks of the boy’s cotton-covered arse he assets his dominance, taking the pain to the boy’s feet for some harsh spanks too. Axel can cry out in shock all he likes, Master isn’t anywhere near done yet. The flogger whips and snaps at Axel’s bare flesh, tormenting him painfully while the Master plays. There’s more to come for the boy, his lesson in kink is just beginning!

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