Bareback Boy Masseur

Young Marek Kraus has a reputation for the kind of expert massages he delivers, and sexy boy Arthur Vink is about to find out just why all of his friends have recommended the handsome young man. Within moments of laying naked on the table those hands are exploring Arthur’s pale and lithe body, exploring his tight pucker before sliding down to his bare feet. The moment Arthur turns over his excitement is revealed, a hard length of uncut cock is ready for Marek to service. His experienced hands stroke the delicious tool but his mouth works even more remarkable wonders, encouraging his customer to return the favor with equal gusto. Marek’s rigid cock and his tight little hairless hole get plenty of attention from the eager customer before Arthur takes the plunge and eases his bareback cock in deep, fucking his masseur on his back and from behind, finally pulling out to drench that tight little hole with masses of hot customer cum. With his client fully satisfied young Marek turns his attention to his own raging erection, wanking his own gooey load from his penis and securing a return visit from his new client.

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