19yr Midlands bendy scally boi fucked every-way

@HardBritLads and Tyrone 8 inches n thick🍆 proper go to town on this
Midlands $ scally boi passed back n forth
This Bendy 19 year old boy is folded over, made to sit on our dicks, fucked legs in
air, done in the arse on his tummy and of course spooned 🥄 lol
We give the boi exactly what he came for… CUM CUM CUM and leave his hairless
smooth hole so messed up with spunk💦
Whilst Tyrone is shagging his arsehole I’m holding him down and legs out the way
for easier access! I always want it easy for my mate to be able to get his cock in
Tyrone is an amazing 🔝 he fucks like a proper pro- I love the way he holds his
hands and rests his whole body weight on the lower back of the body when
fucking- that’s always a sign of someone just thinking about themselves dumping
there load then fucking off 😉 🆘
That midlands boi btw also has a 9” cock!
IMMEDIATELY after smothering his arse in spunk he’s passed over to Twisted
fucked Tyrone
💥 He fucks my cum so frothy- spunk flys everywhere from his hole 💥
If you’re a dirty bareback bastard who loves his cum and loves watching a lad
being used then watch this video
Words can’t describe (although you know me I’m going to try LOL) how many
times we keep folding this boy up like a piece of paper to fuck him rotten – this is
how we feed him cock

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