So Much Big British Cock!

When you’re hanging out with your mates and trying to get the movie to play without success, there’s only one thing to do, especially when you’ve all got massive uncut cocks and loads of cum to splash! Brez and Evan are the first to start making out, but that soon has hung boys Luke and Noah kissing and revealing their awesome dicks for each other to suck on. With so many inches of hard teen boner to play with it’s no wonder they’re soon all licking and slurping each other in an orgy of oral delight that soon leads to something even hotter. Luke’s smooth hole gets stuffed by Noah’s big juicy tool while Brez pumps his mammoth meat into hot little Evan, then it’s time for the top boys to swap and try the other ass, easing their cocks into their friends for a humping that can only end with one of the lads being showered from three squirting tools! Luke is so messy by the end of it, but they all know it was far better than some crappy movie.

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