Taylor Makes Lucas Explode!

Lucas is still learning how to suck cock and give a dude a good fucking, but this open-minded guy is eager to have a whole lot of fun with new boy Taylor and if the ending is anything to go by (it is) he really had a blast! The boys kiss and grope on the bed and within moments Lucas’ big dick is rigid and being expertly sucked by lucky Taylor. The boy is quick to get the same back, with Lucas trying out some new oral moves and making the boy writhe with pleasure. Be ready for something spectacular as Lucas picks his boy up from the bed for an incredible standing 69! He’s determined to impress and he does exactly that, proceeding to pound his new friend all over the bed, giving the boy a hard ride on his bulging cock and making Taylor cum before blasting a massive load from his thick tool and drenching Taylor’s cute face! Wow, we kinda knew this would be good, but these boys really delivered.

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