Back in the city after his Sedona adventure, Daniel takes to his mirrored waterbed for some rest and recreation. He’s so focused on communing with his hand and cock that he doesn’t need to make extraneous noise. The slosh of the water below adds to the sensual atmosphere and Daniel’s soft, measured breathing is an erotic delight.

On all four, the hot blond twink lets a spit-slick finger pop into his hungry ass. The rhythmic friction of his foreskin against the smooth sheets as he thrusts his pelvis with each stroke creates a pleasant rustle. He murmurs sweet nothings that are meant for him alone. His jaw drops and eyes become dreamy.

As young Daniel lies back on the bed and insistently lets his smooth palm glide across scrotum and hard shaft, the camera takes a position just below him. His feet curl and tingle with delight in a camera close up, occasionally popping open when the sensation overcomes him. He nuzzles his underarms, gets a deep whiff of his boyish sweat, gives his blond pits a curious lick. We hear every breath.

Erotic exploration glides into a new gear as he speeds up the grip on his cock. Daniel’s tongue slides across his lower lip and he looks straight at us in a flirtatious come-on. Then back to his cock, teetering at the edge of a big sticky blast. As it shoots a cascade of sperm and his whole body spasms, he breaks the almost silent mood–“Oh, it feels so good!” and scoops a handful of juicy cum, licks it off his fingers. Settling into a deep relaxation he curls up with his juicy cock poking down from between his legs. Eyes closing, Daniel flashes a peace sign and drifts into a post-orgasm nap.


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