Sweet Shower Loving

In this weeks new gay porn movie release from ColbyKnox, another glimpse into the boys birthday beach trip for Mickey Knox!!! Most the boys have already headed out to the beach for the day, but Grayson Lange and Mickey Knox stayed behind to catch up on some much needed sleep. Mickey wakes up to a sleepy half naked Grayson getting undressed in the bathroom to take a shower. Just one look at Grayson Lange dropping his pants to reveal his smooth perfect ass is enough to get Mickey out of bed and on his feet. Mickey moves to join Grayson in the shower practically foaming at the mouth with morning lust and desire. Grayson Lange doesn’t seem to surprised and welcomes Mickey with some sexy passionate making out. Being pretty horny himself from a good nights sleep, Grayson doesn’t waste to much time and drops to his knees to swallow Mickey quickly plumping cock. Grayson sucks away at Mickey until Mickey decides to get a mouthful for himself, putting Grayson up against the shower wall with his ass on full display. Mickey Knox licks sucks and tongues away at Grayson’s butt until they are both ready to take it a bit further. Grayson moans as Mickey slowly penetrates his tight firm ass, and they both start to go town on each other. Mickey eventually picking Grayson up and ramming his big cock in and out of him as they both sate their morning desire. The video concludes with Grayson getting a big face full of Mickey’s spunk all over his cute boyish face. ENJOY!!!

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