You should watch our first two bootcamp scenes in order as the stories between the two are interconnected. We won’t explain the story fully here, but rather let you enjoy it for yourself. We can tell you that it’s related to our documentaries at BelAmi which detail Bastian’s interest in photography. We suspect that this hobby is about more than artistic expression as he uses it to as a tool to pick up boys. Fortunately for Bastian, the “tool” Sven and Pip are most interested in is Bastian’s cock as the two boys engage in a more-than-friendly deep throating competition. We think Sven won the competition even though Bastian got the “prize”. The revelry is stopped momentarily as Enrique enters to whisk Sven away for their own sexy rendezvous which you will see in scene two. Pip, as usual, sets the terms for the fucking. Those terms are 1. fast, 2. furious and 3. deep. Bastian is happy to comply, and we get to enjoy the sight of two boys who love fucking bringing two big creamy loads out of each other- Pip’s all over his own stomach and Bastian’s into Pip’s now satisfied ass.

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