Kinky Gym Sex Pt.1

Who doesn’t love to hot boys working out in leather clothing? Rodion and Titus sure do, and after a few stikes to the punching bag, both boys have a different type of training in mind, Titus ties Rodion’s hands together and quickly removes his shorts and jockstrap to pull out Rod ions meaty shaft. Needless to say that that thick and hard ramrod is in for some training of its own as Titus sucks and jerks it off intermittently before having the boy turn around, so he can get a taste of his meaty ass. Quickly after getting a taste for his ass, he’s quick to get a in depth trial of his ass as he inserts his cock and gives the young lad a rough, sweat fueled fuck before releasing him to get into a 69 position where they suck each others cocks to later resume the gym styled fucking.

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