Daniel Hausser – If Only You Were Here

Daniel Hausser is at Justin’s to pick him up for practice. There’s only one problem. Justin doesn’t appear to be home, and if he is, he’s not answering the door. Daniel barges in and calls out, but when no one replies, he walks into Justin’s living room. There, he sees Justin’s things. Daniel picks up Justin’s blue undies and takes a whiff. Growing bolder, Daniel strips and jerks off. Between his smartphone and Justin’s underwear, Daniel has plenty of fuel to spur him on as he strokes his cock. Daniel alternates between sniffing Justin’s underwear, then his footie socks, occasionally using his underwear to masturbate. After he makes several attempts to ensure Justin isn’t home, Daniel surrenders to his lust. He jerks off, fingering himself until he blows his load all over his buddy’s sneakers and sofa. Oh, if only Justin had been there!

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