Meet Tannor Reed

In this weeks new gay porn video release from ColbyKnox the boys are both excited to welcome Tannor Reed!!! We start with a little getting to know you with Tannor while Mickey Knox giddily awaits his cue to join Tannor on the couch. When the cue comes he doesn’t need to be told twice!! Mickey Knox and Tannor start out with some heavy petting and making out, while Mickey also explores Tannor’s incredible flexibility. He get’s Tannor Reed’s legs behind his head and starts licking his tight sexy little asshole while Tannor leans his head forward and gets a big mouthful of his own cock!!! Mickey Knox is incredibly turned on watching the tight Twink suck himself off while getting a rim job, he starts moving to put his large thick cock inside of the talented young model’s ass. Mickey puts Tannor’s flexibility to good use, fucking him in a number of different grunt and moan filled sexy positions until they both erupt with pure cum and satisfaction!!! This was Tannor Reed’s first scene and the boy is a natural, what a pleasure to work with, film and watch!!! Enjoy!!

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