When Twister Gets Kinky

Kyle and Skylar like to make their games a little more interesting. This time it’s twister, and the winner has a special kinky treat in store! With Kyle claiming victory it’s not long before he’s claiming his prize, sticking a ball gag in Skylar’s sexy mouth and cuffing his hands behind his back. With his hot little ass revealed and up for some fucking Kyle starts out with some toys, sliding a dildo into his friend before replacing that with some fat anal beads. It’s okay, his kinky little friend can take it, but it’s clear he’s been waiting for that warm length of uncut teen cock inside his hole. Kyle fucks him good and deep, owning the boy’s hole from behind and on his back, giving his pal a final ride on his length as Skylar’s cock spills seed over his pal’s stomach and Kyle finishes off pumping his load out over Skylar’s face! Next time Kyle will probably let his buddy win.

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