Internet social media sensation Daniel Hausser has the look, the drive and the following, but now he’s headed to Sedona to learn the ins and outs of performing as an adult male model. Waiting for him in the spectacular Arizona desert resort is renowned porn coach and photographer Dell Douglas, known for his tough perfectionism and top-notch results.

He stops along the way for a quick commune with the incomparable nature Sedona has to offer. Douglas coaches him through a sensuous quickie on a rock in the rushing waters of Oak creek. His erotic excitement in the cool deep water sends Daniel into a reverie that continues through a candlelit dream in a romantic bath. He deftly works his cock under the silky water. He glides and stretches as the taut muscles of his lean body respond to every tingle and caress.

Arriving at the rustic but luxurious cabin he will call home base during the shoot, Daniel centers himself and finds much-needed relief for his packed balls and big throbbing cock under the waterfall of the chic stone shower. He begins by letting nature take its course with a splash of pee from his morning wood. His curious hands find their way across his ripped torso and down to a stiff dick. The sensuality he’s become fully part of make jerking off an extra pleasure; Daniel’s fist races toward its finish. A thundering orgasm brings the handsome blond to his knees under the rush of warm water.




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