Twinky Teen In Kinky Trouble

Milo wakes up just in time to find his friend Aiden tying him to the bed, but he surprisingly doesn’t seem too worried about it. With his legs and hands bound and his cock being groped to hardness it soon becomes apparent that he’s not at all reluctant, his kinky friend knows how to suck that big cock. With his boner throbbing and wet with precum and spit Milo experiences the pleasure of a Fleshlight sliding down his cock, but it’s nothing compared to the tight hole Aiden has as he slides his own pucker down and rides his friend’s meat! With a hand finally freed Milo can grab his pal’s uncut wang and get a taste of the good stuff too, which only seems to drive him wild with lust. As the ropes slip away the boy takes control, fucking the cum out of his slim and devious friend and giving him exactly what he wanted, pulling out to splash his own semen all over Aiden’s naked and satisfied body! Something tells me he won’t need the ropes next time.

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