Summer Fuckin pt.1

Who doesn’t love to sunbathe on a hot summers day? Or roast in bed like Rick, in his PJ’s and under a sheet! Needless to say, our little Devil has a diabolic plan in mind when he starts licking all the corners of his ice cream, So when he goes back into the house and sees Rick still laying in bed, he’s going to give him a refreshing wake up call! Rubbing the ice cream over his body, and licking it up in the most erogenous areas of Rick’s body. Needless to say that all the ice cream play has got the fit lad rather hot, so to help him cool off or get hornier, the ice cream is rubbed over his semi hard cock for Luce to lick it all off. At this point Rick is ready to give the little devil just what he needs, preparing his hole for the intense fuck that’s to come! With some fingering and rimming Rick has him just how he wants, begging for his cock. Rick penetrates the boy in the most uncommon positions we’ve seen in a long time giving the boy the fuck he so desperately wanted, filling the boy’s hole with his cock amongst spanking and creaming the pale bodied twinks ass. We’re sure Luce will try to pull the ice cream trick again!

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