Getting horny boy Ethan Czar off

One of the hottest videos Bentley Race made with their twink mates is this one with hung hottie Ethan Czar. The shoot is a mix of a photoshoot in my balcony inflatable pool, and a video where I tie up Ethan to play with him, and get him off. I love tying up the guys and playing around with them in the videos. And Ethan is getting majorly turned on as I cut his fat cock our of his jocks. Back inside I pull out my cock and make him suck on it. I love Ethan’s fat dick and seeing him jack it laying on the floor. Ethan is one of my horniest of mates and it’s not long before he blows his load over me. I get him to piss a couple of times on video too. Ethan is such a cutie with a gorgeous cock. I can’t wait to lay with him again.

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