Horny Hashtag pt.4

Peter is that guy that no matter what he always likes to have his phone in this hand, it’d seem that Adam is not a fan of that, or Family Guy, so with the phone out of the way, and Peter protesting, Adam decides to quiet him up, which leads these three boys to make out on the bed. Rodion is first to lose his tight-fitting underwear with Peter kissing him and Adam sucking his meaty shaft, soon after all three boys are sucking each others cocks until Rodion is being spit-roasted, sucking Adams dick and balls whilst Peter is having fun with his ass, first rimming and soon after fucking. But Peter isn’t going to miss out on this action either, as he soon hops on to ride Rodions dick, whilst having Adam jerk him off. And of course, we don’t need to say that Adam too is going to get his fair share of cock neither, as he too will be fucked by Rodion, even whilst Peter is fucking him!

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