Groovy Dave and William Steel are busy being macho studs, talking dirty about what kinds of tits and pussies they like and where they draw the line. These two chatty bros are ready to breed and seed a couple of plastic pussy toys (though Dave admits it’s not like a real fuck without a neck he can grab onto when he plows in). After stripping off their almost-matching boxers, they show off their hairy scrotum’s and compare body shaving tips (as little as they can get away with).

William takes on the full torso toy complete with silicone breasts, while Dave gets ready to plow in to the pussy-only model. Dave’s slick cockhead pops out the other side with each deep stroke, and the straight boy fuck contest is started. Next to each other on the bed, they pummel the toys, balls slapping with every thrust. They can’t resist checking each other out as they get their cocks harder. Even William has to admit the butt feels better than a pussy. Someday he’ll learn…

The chatty bros go silent except for the slap of young male muscle against the firm plastic. We get a nice view of hairy asses from behind, then they pull out to switch places and re-lube. When they “spitroast” the full-torso plastic babe from both ends with their bodies close to each other, their stroking picks up intensity. They may be straight but they love getting their rocks off together.

William and Dave lie next to each other like bookends for the final stretch. Their nuts pull up tight into firing position and William is first to squirt all over the big-titted torso. Dave watches cum squirt out from his buddy’s big cock and he’s ready to blow. A powerful splash of musky manjuice leaves a sticky stripe all the way to his lean muscular pecs


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