Scouting For A Place To Fuck

The boys didn’t dress appropriately for an autumn day in the countryside! Thankfully eagle-eyed scout Jason spies the perfect refuge, although it seems he might have an ulterior motive! As soon as the boys get inside their temporary shelter he’s making a move, not that Jamie is at all reluctant. Their hard young uncut cocks are quickly released from the confines of their pants and the boys engage in a session of furious dick pleasing oral, tasting the delicious foreskins and tips of their wet erections. It’s only the start, of course, Jason wants that cock up his ass and young Jamie is more than capable! Fucked against the wall, bent over with his dick in his fist they moan and groan their way to a climactic finish, wanking their hooded boners and splashing cream out over the floor. It’s a good thing the farmer didn’t catch them, although he probably would have joined in!

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