Cum all over his bareback ass

Ervin Kozma is the kind of boy who doesn’t have to jerk off if he doesn’t want to, there’s always a friend ready and willing to help him out. Nevertheless, the gorgeous young man is preparing for a good long wank, not knowing his pal Andrew Farrell is there and ready to catch him. A lad like Andrew can only watch for so long before his cock is demanding he gets involved, an interruption which is soon welcomed by the handsome stroker, sucking on the offered length of uncut cock the moment he finds it in front of him. It’s clear Ervin needed a little company, but it’s more than a little sucking he’s gonna get from his buddy. With his ass up and ready for filling Ervin gets it good from behind, his friend’s big bare cock sliding between his smooth cheeks and giving him a great ramming. With a little ass-to-mouth sucking the handsome lad is soon sliding down to ride that length for a deeper feel, but it’s not as deep as he gets it on his back. Sexy Andrew slides in and immediately starts hitting that prostate with the rounded tip of his hooded shaft, making Ervin moan with delight as cum leaps from his cock and splashes over his tight abs! With his own load spent and a smirk on his face Ervin waits for his friend to finish, happy to enjoy the feeling of a warm load gushing out over his freshly-fucked hole.

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