Shane Hirch and Justin Alexander

Now that Shane Hirch is almost done with school, the dark-haired hottie has a bit more free time. Naturally, since he’s the big man on campus and the cock of the walk, the hunk he’s in high demand, especially amongst the twinks who know the type of massage Shane gives. He preps his space for Justin Alexander, a slender and petite thing with lots of hair and the innocent face of a fallen angel. After slicking up Justin’s body and getting his hands all slippery with oil, Shane takes the twink’s shorts off, exposing his delectable ass. Shane then proceeds to work Justin’s cock, getting him hard before lubing up his hole and really going to town with a sensual body rub. The twink soon has his ass up in the air, ready for Shane to do with as he pleases. The oiled-up hunk pulls out a beaded tool which promptly disappears inside Justin’s hungry ass. Using it as if it were a magic wand, Shane clearly performs what can only be described as a bit of ecstasy on Justin, who’s hard as a rock! Shoving the black toy in and out of Justin’s ass until the twink has had enough, Shane flips Justin over and…surprise! The slender young thing has a whopper of a cock. Shane grasps the fat slab of uncut meat firmly and starts stroking, giving the twink a handjob and working his big balls until Justin releases his pent-up juices.

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