#EXTREMEFILTH: His Big Cock Gets A Proper Edging!

With Alexis naked and strapped into a chair it’s no wonder one of the other boys is soon arriving to make use of him. Leo is eager to explore and take control, he loves boys with big cocks and Alexis has one of the best. It doesn’t take a lot to get the lad hard, just a little wanking and sucking and Alexis is rock solid and in blissful agony, his dick being mercilessly sucked and stroked in the boy’s talented hands. Leo might be young, but he knows how to edge a lad and make a cock beg for climax, working the swollen wet tip, making Alexis moan with pleasure, grabbing his balls and sucking the end of his meat… it’s an incredible edging, and although Alexis is desperate to shoot his cream you know he can’t wait for the next edging the moment the last of his load fires from his dick.

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