Fucking The Hot Prison Guard

Handsome Jason isn’t very good at his job, but then he’s only a guard because he gets to see so many hot young lads like Shaun every day. It’s no surprise he’s the most popular of all the staff, he’s always offering his cock to suck and letting the boys use his mouth and ass for their dicks! After catching Shaun having a wank in his cell Jason invites himself to join in, as usual. He’s soon sucking cock and feeding the lad his own juicy dick, but he gets a lot more than that from the inmate. That big prisoner cock is soon between his smooth butt cheeks! After a little riding of the lads dick the two share some mutual sucking and rimming, but Jason is still craving that cock inside him. Fucked again from behind and on his back the lad blasts his cream out over himself and takes an appreciative load from his young friend, licking up some of the juice before enjoying a little snooze. Looks like he’s gonna have a hard time explaining how Shaun got his uniform and keys before locking Jason in his cell, naked!

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