EXTREMEFILTH : Splashed With His Own Cum

We all know this isn’t the first time young Johnny has splashed cum in his own face, every boy does it at least once, just to see what it’s like. This time he has devious dom Sean to help him out! The boy is bent back on the bench with his cock pointing at his cute face, a sight we would all love to enjoy for ourselves, but if you think this is just gonna be a simple hand job you don’t know Sean very well. He’s soon licking out that tight little hole, tasting the boys funk while his tongue darts in and out of his twitching little opening, then sliding in a toy, easing that pucker open and filling it up. The massager is a great addition to the play, the boy’s cock leaking a string of precum right into his own face. It’s a warning of course, a sign that his heavy cream will soon be splashing out and raining down over him!


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