Straight Office Boys Get Some Gay Ass!

When Chad and John catch Luke and Leo kissing in the office they don’t hesitate to invite themselves to the party. It’s a good thing the gay lads are always happy to have some extra cock to suck and slurp because the lads soon have their big dicks out for the duo to gobble! It could have been a simple servicing for the guys, but once they’ve had a little oral and watched the lovers enjoying themselves together Chad and John can’t help but get in on the action, kissing a jerking each other. It’s not really a surprise when Luke and Leo offer their tight little gay holes for their colleagues to slide their boners into, fucked together right there on the desk, then swapping their new bottom buddies around for a little extra ass. Judging by the cum loads the lads splash over their gay friends after making Leo and Luke erupt the guys were real glad they caught them!

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