YES this is all real- this boy is nuts
Wanking off in condoms -filming it live-with him on the 📞 cumming inside them, then signing🖌 the Johnny’s so he knows it’s REAL
By the time 18yr naughty Alex gets to London I had 3 of these frozen🌨spunk filled condoms
I’m so dirty and his EVEN more naughty then me!😱
I split open the first Cum filled condom right over his gob and u can see how sticking and tacky all my cum is – watch how fucking insane this Cum loving boy goes when I tell him I’m going to finger fuck it up his arse🤯-he starts moaning and jiggling up & down
I berry my cum covered finger right up his arse 🤩”fuck me” the boy comes ALIVE – he clearly likes that- his so FUCKING FILTHY, he loves all my twisted 🅱🅱 fantasies

The 2nd spunky load we rip out of the rubber we then smother this big ‘fuck off’ dildo 😈 that’s in the shape of a small Arm – yeah that’s so horny he loves it so much, he loves getting cum pushed inside him📛

I’m so fucking hard n horny I then take him and fuck him one there and then on the bed🛏, all this make me cum so quick- i shoot deep in his arse as his begging me for it- WATCH THIS VID📼GUYS


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