Man on Twink: Pierce Paris and Dylan Hayes

Always going out of our way to keep you drenched in satisfaction, we’re bringing you something new and naughty, “Man on Twink!” This is a super sexy series in which we’ll pair hot muscle guys, porn legends & big, baseball bat sized beefcakes to bang the FUCK out of our pretty boy twinks, fulfilling their ultimate fantasies with fire hot fuck machines. Uber hottie, Dylan Hayes gives us a gaping good grand “opening” with porn super star, and big dicked daddy, Pierce Paris! After winning a game of foosball against porn king Paris, Dylan feels like celebrating. He saunters up to Pierce with flirty confidence, hungry for his huge cock. Hayes teases the hot hunk about his win, making Pierce determined to teach him that, he may have won the game, but Pierce is still the dominant dick slinger here. After some hard, heated, deep kissing, Pierce rips the twink’s clothes off, grabs a fistful of ass from Hayes’ backless underwear and then, tosses the boy across the room onto the couch. Dylan unbuttons Pierce’s pants to claim his prize. The main man’s trophy cock is absolutely colossal! Hayes is ALWAYS up for a challenge, and he deep throats the super hero hog with impressive skill. After swallowing his foosball fuck buddy’s big, beef stick, Mr. Muscle Cock tosses the twink’s legs over his head, then buries his talented tongue in deep while keeping those backless undies on for added hotness. Paris pierces the pretty boy’s tight pucker with a thick digit, then with his even thicker dick. After smacking the boy’s bountiful bubble butt and leaving a red hot, hand brand, he picks the beautiful bottom up, and fucks him mid-air! After a wild ride, Paris throws his porn perfect plaything on the couch, manhandles him around, spits in his hole, then crams that cock back where it belongs, banging the breaks off the boy doggie style! The dominant derrière destroyer delivers a hefty helping of delicious dirty talk while punishing Hayes’ hot hole hard and fast as Dylan’s own dick swings with sweet satisfaction. The ginormous gun slinger scoops his boy up once again, then places his perfect posterior at the edge of the couch and drives his dick deep while holding onto Dylan’s ankles and throat as he guides his girth. Hayes takes it like a champ, spreading his smooth cheeks to make sure his slam master hits his hips to Hayes’ hungry hole with every hard thrust. Dylan has never been stretched like this before, and the boy’s boner busts open like a Brooklyn fire hydrant on a hot summer day! Paris pulls his porn star sized piece out, and absolutely annihilates Hayes’ super stretched out hole with an incredible load! But, our dude ain’t done yet! He plunges his pulsing piece back in Dylan’s freshly seeded sex hole, and coats his insides with warm daddy, dick slick.

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