New Spanish Boy Tops Tommy

Tommy is always eager to get in front of the cameras and have some fun with another lad, especially when that lad is a hot Spanish guy just starting out! Flecos was a little nervous about his first time fucking on film, but you wouldn’t think it to see him going at it with Tommy. Then again, would you be able to hold back? The lust is real, the delicious dick sucking the two share is enough to have you dribbling a torrent of precum, but the fucking these boys share when Flecos takes aim at that tight little hole is the best part about it. Flecos slides in from behind and gives that rump some pounding before flipping Tommy over for some deeper prostate prodding action, taking them both to a wanking finish that has the boys splashing cream over their tight abs! I think we’ll be seeing Flecos again, but who will be taking that Spanish dick next time?

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