Andrew Callahan & Felix Maze

Sporty and fit young things Andrew and Felix are sharing perhaps the horniest bareback butt banging experience we’ve seen for a while in this incredible video. The boys are making out in their underwear, taking their time to enjoy each other and explore, revealing their long and rigid dicks for each other and swapping their shafts in a delicious duo of oral pleasure. With their erections raging Andrew mounts his friend, sliding his naked hole down on his new buddy, riding him like a pro. His cock is raging when Felix takes him from behind, easing in and out with a perfect rhythm, displaying their toned bodies while they flex and enjoy the growing pleasure. A little ass to mouth sucking and Felix is plunging back in, raw and deep, fucking his buddy on his back and making his pal pump hot white lava over his tight stomach. Unable to stop himself he soon pulls out, splashing his own cream all over that fucked hole, easing his wet cock right back in to seed his friend. Sticky and satisfied they snuggle on the bed, drifting off into a doze.

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